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Snapper's Seafood Snapper's Seafood
'One bite and we got you' Small Place With A Big Taste

Wendsday12pm -7pm
Thursday12pm -7pm
Friday 12pm -7pm
Saturday 3pm to 9pm
1501 Ohio Avenue,
Richmond, Ca.94804
Proprietor: Nailah Beuford
Family Meals
Red Snapper $27.00
Catfish $27.00
Buffalo 27.00
Filet of Sole $27.00
Whiting $24.00
Prawns N/A
Oysters N/A
Chicken strips $21.00
Chicken wings $20.00
Family Meals- 20 PCS.
Side orders
Onion rings $2.00
Hush Puppys $2.00
French Fry's $2.00
Extra Sauce $0.25
(2) Items Combination $14.00
(3) item Combination$20.00
*except Prawns
Red Snapper $7.75
Catfish $7.75
Buffalo $7.75
Whitings $6.75
Prawn $9.95
Chicken Strip $6.00
Oyster $9.00
Chicken Wings $5.50
Sandwiches- 5PCS.&
One Side Order
Red Snapper $9.75
Catfish $9.75
Buffalo $9.75
Whitings $7.75
Prawn $12.25
Oyster $12.00
Chicken Strip $7.50
Chicken Wings $6.75
Salads--- Macaroni,Potato, Cole Slaw
Sauces--Barbecue sauce:Hot or Sweet,
Homemade Tarter
Dinner:French Fries, Two pieces of bread, Choices of salad, Barbecue sauce: Hot or Sweet, Homemade Tartar sauce